Suggestions to fix errors cannot send iMessage messages on iPhone

Using an iPhone without using iMessage is a shortcoming.

It can be said that iMessage is the most awesome feature that Apple equips iPhone, and this is also considered the function that other Android smartphone companies are trying to build, as well as unifying for a long time. Although the likelihood of success remains quite distant.

While useful, sometimes iMessage has an error, making iPhone users unable to use it. Although this is a rare problem, if you are having problems, the following suggestions will help you. Please read along for reference.

1. Check the network connection

Unlike normal text messages, iMessage uses a mobile or Wi-Fi network connection to send content to other iPhone users. And if there is no network connection, iMessage will not be able to send the content that the user edited and sent to the recipient.

Therefore, if you cannot send iMessage messages, the first thing you need to do is to check the network connection on iPhone.

If you feel that the Wi-Fi signal is still good but still can’t send iMessage messages, switch to the mobile connection and try again.

The trick here is to try to activate Airplane Mode and then wait 10-15 seconds after deactivating the iPhone to connect and optimize the network, and then the content can be iMessage will be sent soon after.

2. Check the recipient’s phone number

Usually, if the recipient uses an iPhone, has a network connection and has enabled iMessage, it is easy to receive messages from other senders. But if Apple detects the number of recipients not using iMessage, the system will automatically switch to regular text messages.

In case if you cannot send iMessage message to the recipient, please check whether the recipient’s phone number or email is correct or not, for some reason their phone number or email what is wrong

3. Try restarting the iPhone

In general, for electronic devices, the solution to overcome most of the problems that arise is to perform a restart operation. And the iPhone is no exception.

Although this operation does not fix the entire error on iPhone, this is a quick, simple step that you should take before deciding to try more complex methods. Note, you need to restart the iPhone properly if you don’t want to “pick up” a new pile of bugs.

4. Check if the message you sent is supported

This depends entirely on the carrier and service package you are using. In general, most carriers support SMS but some do not support MMS (multimedia messaging).

At this point, all you need to do is go to the customer care center of the network you are using to get support or call the customer service contact line for further instructions.

5. Check the time setting on iPhone

It is possible to see iMessage as a real-time message, so sending and receiving messages depends on the iPhone’s time setting. If setting time is wrong, obviously you cannot use iMessage.

Therefore, please try to check the time setting on iPhone to see if it is correct from Settings> General settings> Date & time.

6. Reactivate iMessage

In the process of manipulating and customizing the system, you may have accidentally caused iMessage to fail so you cannot synchronize with the Apple server so using iMessage is problematic. At this time, canceling and re-activating iMessage is recommended.

Specifically, please go to Settings> Messages.

Swipe to OFF at iMessage option.

Wait a few seconds and push it back to ON.

When the activation process is complete, try sending the iMessage message again.

7. Update the operating system

If your iPhone is using an older version of iOS, it may be the cause of iMessage’s failure. Therefore, if the suggestions above can not solve the problem, please try to update the operating system for iPhone to the latest version by the following way.

Go to Settings> General settings> Software update.

8. Update suppliers

Unlike Android, iOS is often released by service providers to update network updates to improve performance and solve some errors. Therefore, if your iPhone is still not installed, iMessage generates errors that are understandable.

To perform a vendor update, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi or mobile connection, then go to Settings> General settings> About.

If there is an update, you will have the option to update. You can view the Carrier version of the Carrier line (Carrier) in the Introduction section. When you insert a new SIM card into your iPhone, you also need to download the update for your new carrier.

Hope the article will be useful for you.

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