The iPhone’s call management interface makes you bored? Try this suggestion

Solution to change iPhone’s call management interface.

After all that version of iOS came out, the interface of the default applications on the iPhone has not changed much. Although simplicity, stability and ease of operation are still the main advantages that users feel satisfied in iOS, but sometimes they cause boredom compared to the interface customized by other manufacturers for their Android phones.

This article will give you a hint on how to change the iPhone call management interface without having to do much, including jailbreak. That is using Instacall application, specifically as follows.

Instacall is very popular with users, this app is regularly rated 4/5 stars by users.

After downloading, at the first use you will be asked to allow Instacall access to the contacts.

Once you grant the access, the main interface of Instacall will appear. Basically, this application allows users to do, as well as manage calls instead of the default iPhone Phone application.

When clicking on the icon in the upper right corner, you will be taken to the Contacts page.

If you enter a phone number, Instacall will provide contact suggestions that relate to the number you enter.

Complete entering the number, select the message and make a Facetime call that will appear immediately below, allowing you to take action if you need it.

In addition, when clicking on the memo icon to the right of the digit line you just entered, you will be prompted to enter quick memo if needed.

Making a call will be done as soon as you confirm the call from the system.

Besides, Instacall allows users to personalize the interface through the Background option in Settings. Or customize the color via the Color Settings option.

If you want, you can personalize Instacall more through the settings options in Settings. The application also supports allowing users to quickly make calls from pre-established contacts from Widgets.

Very interesting right? Interested readers can find and download Instacall for iOS here (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/instacall-smart-dialer/id800013306?mt=8&at=1001lNjV).