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The safest way is of course total avoidance of these invisible radiation. But realistically, we can not give up civilization to modern technological benefits and supplemental pay a price for that is our health. Between the two extremes we recommend moderation and wherever possible reduce to a minimum using the telephone or any type of exposure to EM radiation. These are passive measures pertaining to individual responsibility.

An active measure that will help to counteract most of these harmful effects is VITAL PROTECT. The principle upon which this device works is simple: there is a resonance frequency that we branseaza energies and revitalizing the Earth binefactoare called Schumann (after that spoke first about it, Otto Weber Schumann). Scientists said that this resonance frequency rate oscillator is the Earth’s magnetic field. Experiments have shown that if in the immediate vicinity of a human being (for example) there is a Schumann frequency generator, the brain becomes immune to harmful radiations from the environment. Conversely, frequent disruption in the body that lead to disease shortly. NASA studies have confirmed these experiences so that now use such devices cosmonauts and space for protection and restoration of vitality. VITAL PROTECT creates a protective shield a radius of 2 meters around it.

VITAL PROTECT why it works and what are the most important benefits?

It is a device structure by combining radiating spirals made of precious metals and a network of crystals. This structure generates a vortex which balances the energies of the spine and ensure continuous purification field being subtle. Her very presence near a topic produces a balance of vital energies and thus become resistant to the harmful influences radiant.

You need protection both during the day and at night – either as workers or as sleep. It is very important that you return in what you do and just as important to rest deeply. Therefore, it is really necessary to make use of a practical device that it can take anywhere with you, do not occupy much space and be easy. Can you VITAL PROTECT attached to the strap in jacket pocket or purse near you.

Remember that connects to Protect Vital vital energies of Earth and integrating it balances out your being in harmony with the universe ZERO effort on your part. This was a strong connection to the vital force of life on Earth.

For more information or to purchase this device gives you click on this link: PROTECT VITAL

alchemy BRAIN

Reconfigures your brain and be brilliant in 3-6 weeks! Get rid of stress in just 10 minutes! Rediscover balance and joy of living Keep your keen mind regardless of age

http://ethicsandtechnology.eu/projects/technology_and_human_development_… Discover how you can change your brain waves effortlessly within minutes of deep relaxation and stress even meditation for better health, regenerative deep sleep and peak performance!

What is MIND SYNERGY and what has RESULTS?

It is a brain stimulation device based on sound scientific principles. He acts through light and visual stimuli and is equipped with a microcontroller, memory and their own programs. The 51 programs covering its entire range of effects and benefits of this type of brain stimulation.

Of all information we receive brain, approximately 95% are perceived visually. Of the remaining 5 percent more than make up two-thirds auditory stimuli. Thus, achieving a visual-auditory stimulation can capture almost the entire attention of the brain. Who has dealt systematically for the first time in years “50 brain stimulation through light and sound signals as Dr. Francis Lefebure. His numerous experimental studies conducted on lots of volunteer students and more than 200 patients, demonstrated as a result of simple visual stimulation of its kind (light and sound alternating left / right) appear profoundly beneficial effects that persist for several days. In one session with Mind Synergy effects most common in trials and which users have told us they are:

a spontaneous and deep relaxation mental vacuum, complete silence of mental activity euphoria, overwhelming joy without object modifying the temporal and spatial perception during sleep (intertwining multiple universes) disappearance during the meeting of certain disorders the emergence of new ideas, outstanding, a very inspired solutions deep sleep, regenerator.

After several users have reported the occurrence session following results:

amplification of concentration and memory stimulating creativity increasing the volume of information stored excellent performance in accelerated learning entry fast and with very good results in meditation. stimulating latent mental capacities such as telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance. the occurrence of phenomena such as astral projection and conscious dreams.

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