New iPad Not Revolutionary, but Resolutionary for Gamers

As much as the Game Developers Conference (GDC) is such a big focus of many gamers across the country and world, today is of particular importance for one other reason. Today, Tim Cook and Apple revealed the new iPad during the Apple Event scheduled in San Francisco. What was revealed satisfied the desires of many a nerdy geek, but really provided nothing new to gawk at. This new iPad brings a lot of new features that we’ve seen in other devices, such as the iPhone or AppleTV and have been drooling to have on our iPads. The first feature revealed, for example, is the Retina display. The screen is 2048×1536 pixels, with 3.1 million pixels…the most ever on a mobile gadget…bringing 1 million more pixels to your iPad than your standard HDTV. And all on a screen 1/10th the size of most HDTVs, as the screen is still 9.7 inches. Better get ready to invest in glasses!

This new iPad still has an A5 chip, but upgraded to an A5X. The X apparently stands for quad core graphics, and Apple is claiming that the new iPad will run at four times the performance of the iPad 2. What this means for gamers is pretty obvious. Four times the performance will really crank up the opportunities for some killer games, and open the doors even more for some genres that haven’t been well represented so far (such as strategy and RPG).

To show just what we might get to see, Epic Games president Mike Capps revealed a new game…Infinity Blade: Dungeons. No release date was given, but Cult of Mac posted some images and juicy details. The game will play more free-form than the previous Infinity Blade game…like Diablo III or God of War. You’ll be able to chain-attack enemies, craft new weapons, fire spells, and more.

Capps stated that the Unreal Engine would be able to explore the potential of the new iPad. “This device has more memory or screen resolution than either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.”

Another feature that this new iPad has will really explore multiplayer play in games. The next generation of wireless has been brought to the iPad with 4G LTE. This includes a HSPA+ 21 megabits maximum downlink, DC-HSDPA maximum downlink of 42 megabits, and of course LTEat with a max of 73 megabits per second download. This will, of course, mean diddly-squat to you if you don’t have access to 4G, and many people don’t. But, fortunately, you’ll also still have access to 3G as well.

Pre-orders have already begun, and pricing is comparable to the iPad 2: $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, and $699 for 64GB. The new iPad will become available March 16.

Oh, and if you are wondering why we haven’t called it by anything other than the new iPad, that’s because Apple hasn’t either. Throughout the presentation, it’s just been the new iPad. On the webpage, it’s the new iPad. Intentional? We think so. After having received a major razing in the press for calling what everyone expected to be the iPhone 5 the iPhone 4S, perhaps Apple decided that to not name it was better. It won’t matter one bit, of course. We humans have to identify everything we have, and everything different has to be identified differently. We’ll give it a name. And eventually, Apple will use it.

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