Free Online Traffic for Your Website in 4 Simple Steps

While there are basically only two ways for you to sell or advertise your affiliate products that you may have signed up for, I am going to go through 4 Simple steps to obtain free online traffic for your website. Like many of us when we first started out, money was not just pouring out of our pockets to pay for traffic so we had to be creative on how to obtain free online traffic. These steps are really easy and if you dive into learning more about each one and have a thirty day commitment to at least one of them and produce at least on piece a day you will be pleasantly surprised.

I hear many people go back and forth which causes a huge debate over the phrase “free traffic”. I know, before you say it, my time is worth money and I totally agree, my time is very valuable and this is why I use many of the following traffic generating actions because they start percolating and will work very powerfully for you moving into the future. When I use the word “free traffic” I am referring to the idea that it did not cost you any out of pocket expenses. Now that we got that cleared up, let’s move forward.

I sharing with you some strategies that I know will generate free online traffic for your website as long as you learn and consistently take actions. I have seen too many people start one of these and after a week they see no traffic and give up on the strategy, let me be the first to warn you; you will probably not see traffic after just one video, one ad or one article. I didn’t and most don’t so just keep moving forward.

Think of the millions of other websites, marketers, and affiliates out on the internet right now; there is so much competition on all the thousands of different niches. If you do give up and accept defeat, you are only giving complete satisfaction to the other marketers and you just made their prospecting one step easier. You want more free online traffic for your website? Well follow these steps and recommendations and you will.

YouTube Videos – As we all know YouTube is now owned by Google, and who is Google and is only the largest search engine in the world. What does that mean? It means that any good business move is to promote and invest in your current products or service you own. Now I am no fortune teller and this is my opinion only; but think about it. Google wants their purchase of YouTube to be a good one and they want to have a great return on investment, they are going to emphasis on YouTube and make some upgrades. Videos are a very powerful tool, it does not cost you anything to open an account on YouTube, doesn’t cost you any money to upload videos and people love watching videos.

An idea for those of you that do not feel good on video ;neither did most of as we started, we were stumbling over our words, we paused to catch our thoughts but we took action and did it anyway. If you definitely don’ want to be on camera you have to ability to make slide shows, they are video’s and you can add animations to them. There are many free tools that you can obtain to help you with this.

Think about this, if you can upload 5 video’s a day, after the end of the month you will have roughly 150 video’s and when people share them through social media, you get out in front of that many more people; again, no out of pocket costs to you.

A hot tip for you is to use the description of the video is to insert your landing page or website you want to obtain free traffic for.

A second hot tip is to use a video distribution tool like Tubemogul, while there is a free and a paid version, I don’t use them much but have had known many friends that have used them with much success.

Classified Ads – There are thousands of free classified ad sites and they will definitely drive free online traffic to your website, but you need to make sure you have a very compelling ad and direct them to a site that is very evident in what they need to do, with a good call to action.

Below are a few free classified ad sites that I have used and have obtained good traffic.

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