The Way To Replace Obsolete Internal Laptop Harddrives

Internal laptop hard drives are in essence the lifeline of your computer. If yours gets damaged then you will find that your laptop runs at a greatly reduced speed or in some cases not at all.
If you are considering a replacement, you may want to try an overall clean up of your computer first. This is a free and fast way to improve the speed of it’s operations. Many people have lots of old and unused programs stored away that they don’t realise greatly reduce speed.
Replacing the hard drive in a laptop is relatively easy for most people. Most laptops will have easy access through a removable panel located on the bottom of the unit, usually held in place by just one screw. You will find it is enclosed in a cage, or sometimes called a caddy. You need to keep the caddy for your new one. As all systems differ a little, you may want to find a guide specific to yours. There are thousands of free guides online, so yours is sure to be covered. If you have the manual then it is also worth checking it before performing any kind of upgrade or repair yourself.
If you are replacing it yourself then you need to know what to replace it with. Laptop drives are all normally two and a half inches in size, to allow easy upgrading. The capacity can range from 10 GB up to 750 GB. The recommended size for an average user today is about 250 GB and up.
The speed of your new hard drive should also be considered. Most spin at 5,400 rpm, while some of the newer high powered systems are going with 7,200 rpm drives. The higher spin rate gives you better performance, but also uses more of the already limited battery life. Think about what you mostly use your laptop for. If it’s just day to day browsing on the internet then the slower speed is plenty. The faster speed is normally only required for high spec laptops, such as hard core gamers would use.
With the vast amount of different drives available, it is a hard choice to make. If you cannot decide which is best for you, ask for advice from people who work with computers. The staff in most computer stores have to be up on the latest technology, and will give free honest advice.
Another good source of information is the internet. Check out forums to see which types to avoid. People always love to rant and rave about something they are unhappy with.
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