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Who are they for?
Before you buy a set of computer speakers, think about what it is exactly you want to use the speakers for. Are you buying them for yourself? Your boyfriend? Your girlfriend? Family? Who is it for, and what does that person like to do?

Function: Gaming sounds, movies, music or basic use?
Some people buy speakers just to be able to watch movies or have a decent quality sound. Some people want to enhance their gaming experiences, therefore require a pretty hardcore set. You need to know who you are buying this for.

What is your budget?
And also, very importantly, know what your budget is. Do be realistic. If your budget is $50 don’t expect to be get a pair of speakers that have the quality of one that is $500. It’s important to get good value for money. By saying good value for money, I don’t mean that you should get the cheapest thing you can find, but something that is affordable but with good quality.

Get advice from friends/experienced users
It’s very important to do research before getting your computer speakers. You should talk to your friends who already have computer speakers and see what they recommend. They’ll probably tell you the pros and cons of the speakers that they already have, and can advise you on what to look for, or what to ask when you go shopping for your set of speakers.

Do research online
If, for some reason none of your friends own speakers, then it’s time to go online! The Internet is a wealth of information, you can go to forums, networking sites, Amazon, anywhere, really. Just Google up what you want to know! Amazon is particularly handy because they always have product review pages where they explain the products they are selling, and there are reviews of other people who have already purchased the item.

It’s good to see what these people found to have worked and not have worked. If you don’t mind the cons that they talk about, then by all means go ahead. Bear in mind, it’s pretty impossible to get a perfect pair of computer speakers if you’re not willing to dole out some major cash, so remember again to be realistic!

Talk to salespeople
You can also go to computer shops and talk to the salespeople there. Most of them will be able to advise you on what’s a good set of speakers to buy. Don’t get sucked into buying the most expensive thing there, though. Bear in mind what you want to use the speakers for and whether or not it’s within your budget.

Also, this might seem very basic, but do remember to keep your receipt. Buying something with a warranty but losing the receipt afterward is as good as throwing the warranty away. Keep the receipt carefully, you never know when your speakers might decide to act up! You wouldn’t want to pay to repair for a pair of speakers that are under warranty, would you?

So good luck shopping for your computer speakers, and may they serve you for many years to come!

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