Joye EGO-Tank / Totally Wicked Tornado Tank Review

If you are looking for a personal vaporizer that authentically simulates the experience of smoking, look no further than Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette. It feels like a real cigarette in your hand. It looks like a real cigarette, and most of all, it tastes like one. The difference is that, instead of inhaling carcinogenic smoke, you will be inhaling vapor or steam that contains only water, propylene glycol, flavoring and nicotine and no toxic chemicals.

The fact that using a Green Smoke vaporizer is so very like smoking is what makes it really easy for smokers to make the switch from tobacco addiction to vaping habit. Icing on the cake is the fact that, when you vape, you can go anywhere. You will be able to stay with your friends and socialize in restaurants and bars. You will be able to enjoy vaping at your desk at work or in the break room rather than braving the elements to smoke. Vaping is not dangerous to anyone, and you won’t bother or offend anyone when you vape. All told, vaping is a much more comfortable and convenient activity than smoking!

Green Smoke personal vaporizer is a streamlined, modern, two part design that uses a rechargeable battery as a heat and power source. The source of nicotine and flavoring is a handy, replaceable cartridge. All this high technology is surprisingly affordable. In fact, you will spend about forty percent less supporting your vaping habit than you did feeding your tobacco addiction. A Green Smoke cartridge is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes; however, it only costs a little under three dollars! Compare that with the cost of cigarettes today – five or ten dollars a pack! Think of the savings!

Aside from saving money, you will also be saving your health and the health of your friends, relatives, co-workers and even your pets! There is no side-draft smoke with Green Smoke because there is actually no smoke! The vapor your personal vaporizer produces will dissipate almost instantly, affecting no one but you. And the effects it has on you will be far more positive than those of carcinogenic smoke! Green Smoke vapor consists of water, propylene glycol (a safe and common food additive) nicotine in the amount you choose, and the flavor of your choice. You can enjoy your nicotine without destroying your lungs and your heart or endangering the health and well-being of those around you. If you choose to, you can reduce the amount of nicotine you are consuming bit-by-bit until you are consuming no nicotine at all. Then you will simply be enjoying one of the many fabulous and fun flavors Green Smoke offers.

Also, think about all the cartons, packages, cigarette butts and ash you regularly dispose of when you smoke conventional tobacco products. With Green Smoke, you will produce far less waste to negatively impact the environment. You won’t be surrounded by ashtrays filled with smelly cigarette butts. You won’t be polluting the air with carcinogenic smoke. If you buy a new car, you won’t be “marking your territory” with the acrid smell of burning tobacco and chemicals. Green Smoke vapor leaves no odor. Your hair, clothes and breath will all be free of smoker smell. All told, you will be a cleaner person producing less negative impact on yourself, those around you, and your environment when you switch from consuming burning tobacco products to enjoying clean, environmentally friendly Green Smoke.

Green Smoke offers such a satisfying vaping experience, that you are sure to love it! We are so certain of this that we offer a full year warranty on the product. Additionally, if you decide you just don’t like Green Smoke and return the product within 30 days, you will get a full refund! If all this sounds good to you, give Green Smoke a try today! You can start right away with free same day shipping! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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