iPhone Features

Steve Jobs and Apple are famous for technological breakthrough and the iPhone is just that. It is the “Super Cell Phone” of the future. It brings the Internet to your finger tips and puts it right in your pocket. Currently, the Iphone is only usable on the AT&T cell network. (Formerly, Cingular Network)

The iPhone is a cell phone, iPod, and internet mobile communicator all in one amazing device. Here are some of the iPhone features:

* Beautiful 3.5 inch touch screen with virtual keyboard.
* Patented multi-touch technology. You control the iPhone simply by tapping with your fingers. You can use multi-finger gestures to manipulate applications in your Iphone. An example would be expanding a picture or Internet page.
* The iPhone uses Apple’s OS X. Amazing applications in the palm of your hand. You have desktop type applications and networking at the touch of your fingertips.
* ITunes ready. Your iPhone will sync with ITunes and with your PC or Mac. You will be able to sync all of your data, contacts, photos, emails, calendars and more.
* 2 megapixel camera built in. Allows you to take photos or video on the fly.
* Highest screen resolution in Apple’s history, 160 ppi.
* Built in speakers.
* Scroll through technology allows you to scroll through your phone calls just like they were emails. You can make a phone call directly from your email. Quickly scroll through all your documents, photos, music and data. It is all just a touch away.
* The first truly full scale usable web browser on a cell phone. The Iphone puts the Internet at your finger tips.
* Email works with both IMAP and POP3 email servers. Something not done before in a cell phone.
* The Iphone features rich HTML emails.
* The Iphone features Google integration and offers Google maps.
* The Iphone offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0.

These are the major features of the Apple iPhone. You can see from this list that the iPhone features make this cell phone truly revolutionary. Apple has once again out done itself and put Microsoft and the rest of the world on notice.

The Iphone is available in both 8 and 16 gig models. The iPhone features cannot be matched by any other cell phone or computer. Apple has partnered with both Google and Yahoo in order to make the iPhone dominate the mobile web market.

The feature of using Google maps provides the owner with his or her own GPS navigation system. You will never get lost again. The ease of use and the slick application interface make the Iphone unbeatable.

The iPhone truly is a computer in your pocket. You have a desktop computer in your pocket. Making a cell phone call has never been easier or so much fun. The apple iPhone offers a feature list right out of the box that will keep you happy for a lifetime.

The apple iPhone feature list will only grow over time. Steve Jobs and the Apple team will make sure that the iPhone never stands still. It is a revolution that will continue for years to come.

Steve Jobs called the iPhone the “ultimate digital device” and our review agrees with him. There has never been a single electronic device that has made more of an impact then the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone has more features than ever thought possible on a cell phone. The iPhone is a revolutionary product and one that sets a new standard for mobile cell phones.

If you are currently using the AT&T cellular network then you deserve to check out the new Apple iPhone. The iPhone will change the way you use the Internet and your cell phone. Get yours today.

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