Keep an Eye on the Basic SEO Promotion Techniques

If you want to sell your product successfully to the right audience, then your website should comply with the basic SEO Promotion Techniques. While some website owners have understood the value of SEO, there are still some online business people who under estimate SEO concepts. This article will explain you the basic SEO Promotion Techniques that can get your website best ranking in search engines.

One of the important SEO techniques that you need to concentrate is copy writing. The contents you create and post in your website is given 100% weightage by google search engine. It is your website’s content that is going to change the ranking of your website. So, make it absolutely professional and create the content attractive targeting the audience.

Keyphrases! How to use it?

1] Including keyword or keyphrases in the content is the area where you need to concentrate while creating the content. Adding too much of keyword or keyphrase in the content will make your content artificial. Google robot also views the contents with too many keyphrases as spammy. So, try to distribute the keyphrase naturally throughout the content. The content should look realistic, beneficial and interesting to the user. The keyphrase added in your content should clearly explain the google search engine regarding the nature of your website. Only then, google search engine will be able to pick up your site and rank it. The content should be SEO optimized and should be able to give solution to the internet browsers. Even Search Engine Optimization Company should keep in this mind and avoid overloading the copy writing with too much of keyphrases.

2] The keyphrase density should also be given equal importance as you give to the body of the content. You are not supposed to add less amount of keyphrase or dump with more keyphrases. The SEO concept is followed not only to target the audience but also to target the search engines. The keyword density decides how your website is going to be ranked and how many users are going to click your website. The normal range of keyword density is 2 to 3% of the total number of words in the content. But, it should not exceed 5% of the total words. That is, this is the maximum limit you can use in your content. Otherwise, your content loses originality and looks like a spam content.

3] The keyword or keyphrase you select should be the one that is widely used by people to search the product you sell. There are certain keywords or keyphrases that is generally used by internet browsers. So, if you are not confident in selecting the keyword for your content, you can approach a SEO company. These professionals have keyword analyst who research well to get a suitable keyword or keyphrase for your site. Selecting a keyword is not an easy task. Lots of research has to be done to get a suitable keyword. You will also find some free and paid software in the internet to help you in keyword research. Google keyword tool is the one that is offered free.


A website that fails to optimize the site with basic SEO techniques will lose the race and will not be picked by search engines.


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