Using The Power Of Youtube For Internet Marketing

It is no secret, most you guys and gals know about how powerful using Youtube to do internet maketing is. As a matter of fact, there are internet marketers who use Youtube exclusively to market their wares. Wow! Pretty powerful stuff.

The best example I can think of are the videos that have a song attached to them. They may actually have some video or it may just be a static image. But then they add their link in the description and even do SEO by placing their main keyword in the description and some LSI keywords in there to beef it up even more. Youtube also has a tags sections. You use these as you would use the keywords section of the All in One SEO Pack for wordpress. Add your keywords and LSI keywords into the tags section, comma spaced.

Take a look at this video. I made it using a product from clickbank called Sonic Producer. I placed a link in the description going back to my sniper site and optimized it for the search engines. Yes you can get a video ranked very well using this technique.

Here is the video

As you can see, there really isn’t much to it. I made the video with a static image, and layered the background with a song I produced using Sonic Producer. It has 129 page views since April. Now that might not seem like a lot, but I have tracked the clicks and more than half have clicked through the link I created. So you are thinking well thats around 60-70 hits. But guess what? That video took me all of 2 minutes to produce and I have gotten an extra 60-70 hits for free. Plus the video ranks well in the SERPs. By having my link in the description this gives my sniper site link juice from a very powerful source.

Always include a video somewhere on your page. You might not get thousands of hits, but every set of eyes that looks at your page the better.

You can even choose to promote the video if you so choose. It is actually pretty cheap and Google just changed it from cost per impression to cost per view. So you only pay when someone actually clicks on your video to watch it. Pretty sweet deal. I have promoted videos on Youtube in the past for .05 cents a view and had amazing results. So leave Youtube out of your marketing strategies at your own peril.

If you need a quick video made, Animoto is a great service where you can make a 30 second video for free and upload it directly to your Youtube account. I use this method most often and with great results. Animoto allows you to add your own images and text, and it even allows you to place music on the video which is a great touch.

Use Youtube to your advantage, it is the second biggest search engine right under the ubiquitous Google. Now get out there are start video marketing!

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